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History VITA media group

Main / History VITA media group

VITA Media was founded in 1998 in Slovenia as an Indoor operator working with major pharmaceutical companies. The Company’s first partners were clinics and pharmacies.


  • 1999–2003 — The Company actively expands its activities with VITA Media offices successfully operating in other European countries — Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • 2004 — VITA Media opens a Russian office in Moscow. Advertisements were initially located in clinics and pharmacies.
  • 2005–2006 — Successful growth and development: the Company expands its range of advertising media and geographic footprint. VITA Media offices are established in Saint Petersburg and five largest cities in Russia.
  • 2007 — The Company reaches another five largest Russian cities: Novosibirsk, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don.
  • 2008 — The Company has new partners including fitness centres, department stores, restaurants, bars and cafes.
  • 2009 — The Company launches Internet project with the aim of providing our Partners — restaurants, bars, cafes — with the ultimate information support.
  • 2010 — VITA Media becomes VITA Media Group, a holding focusing on a number of areas of activities. The Company launches a brand new project of mobile marketing. VITA Media Group expands its core activity with Animal Care branch. Our partners are pet clinic, pharmacies and pet shops in 16 Russian cities. The Company launches and web sites in order to provide information support to our Partners. An integrated campaign for promoting trademarks on the Internet is launched for our Customers.
  • 2013 — The Company is certified with the International Quality Certificate (ISO 9001), which is a further guarantee of high quality for our partners and customers.
  • 2014 — the 10th anniversary of the Company!

VITA Media has offices in 18 largest cities of the RF.. The Company’s partners are leading pharmacy chains, health centers, restaurants and sports clubs all over the country.The number of media in Moscow — more than 55,000, throughout Russia — more than 124,000. Customers of VITA Media Group — well-known transnational companies and leading national manufacturers.Main goal — providing high-quality services in the spheres of brand promotion, creation and placement of advertisement.

Our way is the way to success

As a result of many years of excellent operation on the market of Indoor advertising, the Company earned trust of our Customers including world-renowned major pharmaceutical and FMCG companies. Ever since its first days, VITA Media Group has been continuously growing, searching for new creative solutions and approaches to fix problems and meet the requirements of our Customers. Today VITA Media Group is one of the leading national operators in indoor promotion. The Company has a team of more than 150 people. Our employees are highly qualified professionals, who are capable of creating and implementing most unconventional solutions to the most challenging problems of our Customers.

Our awards

The Company has been honored with prestigious awards and nominations:

  • 2009 — Recipe of the Year in the Advertising Medium category
  • 2010 — Recipe of the Year in the Indoor Partner category
  • 2014 — VITA Media, Associate of IN-OUT Association

According to a study conducted by Russian Association of Communication Agencies (RACA), VITA Media is a leader in the Clinics, MPIs and HoReCa.

Indoor market map (RACA)