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VITA media group

VITA media group

Indoor segment of the advertising market allows for communicating the advertiser’s information to the target audience by the way of personal exposure to the advertisement message.

Vita Media is an international group of companies and a major Indoor operator in the sphere of medicine, beauty and healthy lifestyle. For more than 11 years, we have been engaged in placing advertisement on 120,000 advertising constructions (and there are more to come!) in 26 Russian cities including 15 cities with population exceeding one million people.Locating advertisement messages on media by VITA Media can guarantee high standards of customer service and high-quality contact with target audience.

VITA Media focuses on a number of areas including Clinics, Pharmacies, Fitness Centres, HoReCa and Animal Care.

Indoor advertising supported by our company is PART AND PARCEL of any marketing mix in case the brand strives for success 🙂

  • Mission: Promoting Indoor advertising in the sphere of health care and making it part and parcel of the implementation of marketing strategies.
  • History: Detailed information on more than 10 years of successful activities of the major European Indoor operator.
  • Customers: Major pharmaceutical and FMCG companies, health goods and food manufacturers, as well as major media advertising agencies have already chosen to work with VITA Media Group.
  • Partners: The Company’s partners include pharmacy chains and health care institutions, fitness clubs, bars and restaurants, dispensaries of veterinary medicine/pet clinics and shops.
  • News: VITA Media Group always has news for you!